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We Manufacture a Superior Product.
Here are Just Some of the Advantages.

  • Our panels are wood free.
  • Steel is stronger and lasts longer than wood and is not subject to the warping, shifting and splitting commonly associated with wood framed homes.
  • Steel is recyclable; in fact, more steel is recycled annually than any other material, including aluminum glass and paper combined.
  • Our panels are mold and moisture resistant.
  • Our panels are termite and insect resistant.
  • Our panels are fire resistant.
  • Our panels are energy efficient. High-density solid EPS foam has significantly greater insulation properties over fiberglass insulation than can result in energy savings of 50-70%.
  • In the US, more accurate energy ratings have caught the attention of energy agencies and legislators throughout the country. Energy and utility costs continue to climb, and that is not likely to change. Utility companies nationwide are offering incentives, rebates and assistance for those utilizing building designs with improved energy conservation and energy efficient features.
  • Our system dramatically reduces inside and outside noise contamination and increases privacy.
  • The tightness of construction within our structures will allow for significantly improved indoor air quality.
  • Speed of construction. Structures made from our systems are assembled on site much more quickly than those utilizing stick framing or block construction; with virtually no waste. This saves the builder and the owner money.
  • In the US, incentives and rebates offered from state and federal levels for green building projects are growing exponentially.
  • Builders can "up-sell" the virtues of our product to the consumer, generally creating an additional income stream and increasing their bottom line.
  • Increased re-sale values.